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Were you laid off because your job went overseas?

We're here to help you make the transition into a new life with a new education. Did you know that if you were laid off because your job was sent overseas you may be eligible for free re-training at our vocational school? The Federal Department of Labor provide TAA vouchers to help you retrain for a new career.  The State of California EDD helps administer these funds and provide other programs to workers undergoing retraining under the TAA benefits system.

Under the TAA (Trade Adjustments Act), the Federal Government has granted millions of dollars in emergency grant vouchers to help those who were laid off because their job was sent to foreign countries. We can easily help you see if you qualify for these benefits and get you set up for retraining so you will have the skills to find a new job. 

Modesto technical College works closely with all agencies to make sure you get the maximum benefit from your TAA benefits and other state programs like CTB (California Training Benefit)(see news to right) that you are entitled to. 

Being laid off because your job went overseas was not your fault. The federal and state TAA programs and our training resources can help you get the skills you need to start a new career. 

The grant money and vouchers from the TAA program will allow you to get free re-training at our school. Please visit the rest of our site to see how the TAA program can help you in these tough times.


TAA Re-training

Modesto Technical College is providing training for employees of many California companies eligible for TAA training including Metalsa in Stockton and Werner in Merced.  Our training school is centrally located in Modesto California and serves all of Northern California. Our location is especially convenient for students in Stockton, Sacramento, Merced, Manteca, Turlock and Fresno.

We Can Help You with Your TAA training

The following list shows some of the companies who's employees may be eligible for TAA sponsored  training at Modesto Technical College.  Even if you were not employed by these companies but are eligible for TAA training Modesto Technical College can help you with Hire Education that will help you get hired for a new job.

Metalsa - Stockton

Werner - Merced

AisValley Towing Products  - Lodi

ILevel By Weyerhaeuser - Fresno,

R-Squared Circuits - Folsom

Johnson Controls-Hoover Universal, Inc.- Livermore, CA 

McClatchy Newspapers
(The Sacramento Bee)

Timbron International, Inc - Stockton

Solyndra, LLC - Fremont  

Latest news

Sept 22, 2011

The US labor Secretary says "The TAA (Trade Adjustments Act) agreement passed by the Senate today ensures that workers who lose their jobs as a result of trade and through no fault of their own have access to resources, benefits and job training" has been extended


May, 2011
The California Training Benefit (CTB) program allows eligible California Unemployment Insurance (UI) claimants, who lack competitive job skills receive their UI benefits, while attending a TAA training or retraining program.

Under the CTB program, the traditional role of UI changes from that of partial wage replacement while the individual looks for work to one of assisting the individual in training or retraining in an effort to return to full employment.